Lost in Da Mail

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Lost In Da Mail Dates


Hilton Melborne Beach, FL

​Sat ​4/6

Sat 5/25

Sat 6/8

Doubletree Melborne Beach,FL

Friday, 7/5

Lost Lippy

Doubletree Melborne Beach,FL

Sun 3/31

Sun 4/7

Sun 5/26

Sun 6/9

Sun 9/2

Hilton Melborne Beach ,FL

Thur 7/4

Sun 9/1


Lost In Da Mail

Treasure Coast Finest Reggae

Lost in Da Mail is a reggae group that hails from the Treasure Coast of Florida

The band was founded in 1989 and has been playing the Treasure coast ever since.

Thru the years members have come and gone but the mantra remains the  same

Cool Island Reggae.

Lost Shows are like grateful dead shows

klawman and lippy play together

or separate gigs